Welcome to a place where Spiritual Growth can be found in a variety of ways. I have found many of my most profound Spiritual Insights have come through my Animals. I have also found that profound spiritual insights do not have to be serious, they can be deep but also fun and light. Much of our world tends to concentrate on the grim, the disasters and horrors. Since the grim things are very easy to find I have chosen to concentrate on finding the lighter brighter things, the good in myself and others. As a result of the search for the “good” I have found that animals are a very ready source of constant love and encouragement.

There is nothing more inspiring in life than being loved. This is comfort at its highest level. Having found it once I searched to see if there were other sources of this unconditional love. My spiritual path took me to Spirit Guides – specifically Animal Spirit Guides. I found that all of us have the benefit of these wonderful guides. I also found that they are a source of unconditional love and also have the unrelenting eye of truth when they look at us.

When they look at us they see what we do not. When we berate ourselves for not doing more or for not being good enough, our Animal Spirit Guides will look at us in our true form and see the progress that we have made. Sometimes our growth is not visible to us or more likely not acknowledged by us. They, however, see our true progress.

Yes, we sometimes go off our path, sometimes we walk backwards and sometimes we do stupid things. If we are walking our path with the Intention of Spiritual Growth then our guides will let us know that we are going in the wrong direction and gently lead us back to our path. What we sometimes forget is that even these times are learning times and periods of growth. Our Spirit Guides see that growth and acknowledge it.